About May Vu


Follow a Vu travelling around the world constantly trying to find the best vus.

Who am I?

I’m a 24 y/o Canadian pharmacist most days and a travel dreamer everyday, always researching my next destination or planning trip itineraries for everyone.

Travel with a Vu?

The name for this blog is inspired by a friend I met through my travels. As we were standing on our Vegas hotel room balcony with a view of the Strip over a year after we met backpacking in Vietnam, she noted that she was in a “room with a vu” (Geddit??! well anyways WE found it pretty witty). Growing up, my last name was forever the bane of my existence. Why was it so short? Was Mayvu my first name? Why does it rhyme with so many words? Voulez-vu coucher avec moi? and a million other nicknames ensued. Fast forward to now, here I am searching for a name for my travel blog that I’ve finally given in to starting, and I’ve realized that I spend the majority of my time searching for the destination with the best view (whether it be the top of that mountain, that luxury infinity pool, or that street corner café to watch locals). Ironically, the bane of my existence became the one thing I look forward to the most while travelling, and a witty pun formulated by a travel friend (now one of my best friends)… so Travel With A Vu it is.

Why am I blogging?

I don’t consider myself to be an expert on anything let alone travelling, yet in a society where everyone has an opinion on every matter, I still find myself doling out tips and travel recommendations. I’ve finally succumbed to the peer pressure and started my own blog, since friends and family are already constantly asking me for travel advice anyways. If you can’t already tell from the paragraph above, I like to shake things up quite a bit in my travel styles. So what can you find here? A jumbled mix of everything from luxury destinations, to adventure travel, to city guides, to backpacking on a budget as well as my personal experiences. Read on to follow my adventures, hopefully you’ll enjoy all the tips and photos with a vu!


Backpacking around Asia for the next couple of months! Follow my Instagram if you’re somehow interested in my day to day travels.